December 30, 2022

What exactly does marketing accomplish? Examine the content of this article.

To standardize, systematize, and deepen marketing, we must first clarify basic marketing concepts.

What exactly does marketing accomplish? OnlyVincent LEUNG selling products?

Let's start with the definition of marketing, then move on to the authoritative viewpoint.

Marketing, according to the American Marketing Association, is the activity, system, and process of developing, disseminating, hulling, and delivering market supplies that are valuable to customers, clients, partners, and society as a whole.

Drucker, the management guru: Marketing's goal is to make selling obsolete. Knowing and understanding customers better, making products suitable for customers and achieving self-selling, making customers willing to buy, and companies providing more products and services.

The management perspective and the social perspective were elaborated by Kotler, the marketing guru: the management perspective - the art and science of selecting target markets and acquiring, maintaining, and increasing customers by creating, delivering, and communicating better customer value.

Marketing, from a social standpoint, is a social process through which individuals and groups can obtain the value they require by creating, providing, and freely exchanging valuable products and services with others.

Marketing can thus be defined as the demand-driven, more efficient exchange (creation, delivery, and dissemination) of market supplies for value. Furthermore, all parties involved in marketing must cut costs.

Customer demand, market supply, efficient exchange, cost, and value are the only five key words in marketing.

Customer Preference

Marketing management is somehow managing demand, integrating the entire industry chain together to provide value, meet, and serve customer demand, because without demand, nothing else is valid.

Demand can be classified into various categories based on various dimensions.

Positive needs require that I be satisfied; negative needs require that I be relieved of pain.

Rigid needs, such as eating well and owning a home; non-rigid needs, such as eating well and investing in real estate.

Painful needs: there is no product or service on the market that satisfies me; itchy needs: there is a product or service on the market that satisfies, but it is flawed and incomplete.

Oil, salt, and vinegar are examples of regular needs that are more consistent throughout the year.

Irregular needs, such as drugs, are emphasizing prevention and preparedness, which is to keep you more regular needs; also, such as cars and household appliances, one-time needs, obviously irregular, so much profit through after-sales.

Health needs, such as library consumption, sports consumption, and so on; unhealthy needs, such as smoking, eating fast food on the street, and so on.

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Marketing work is oriented toward the future of the market, in order for the enterprise to constantly find new growth points.

What exactly is marketing? I'll explain!

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May 11, 2021

What are the 5 key technical indicators of WiFi modules?

In the selection process of wireless modules, in addition to the requirements of the wireless function, the characteristics of the wireless iot wifi module is also a key factor. What factors to consider? These are the 5 key indicators of SkyLab wi fi module.

1. Transmission power of WiFi module

The transmit power varies across different wireless protocols. SkyLab's wi-fi modules typically transmit 18mm of power, while high power wi-fi modules transmit 28mm of power.

2. Transmission rate of WiFi modules

Depending on the enterprise's different protocols, and the configuration of the hardware that manages the module design itself, the transmission data rate of WiFi modules can vary.

3. WiFi module transmission distance

It goes without saying that the transmission distance of a wiFi module is a factor that almost half of all WiFi developers consider.

4. Power consumption of wireless modules

Defined as the difference between the input power and output power of devices and installations. The power consumption of WiFi modules develops in close relation to the transmit signal power of WiFi modules, as well as the safe distance of data transmission. The transmitting power is getting higher and higher, and the farther the transmission technology distance, the greater the power consumption.

5. wifi module reception sensitivity

Receiver sensitivity is the minimum signal level that can be detected by the receiver given the desired signal-to-noise ratio before the receiver demodulator. Receiving sensitivity is an important parameter characterizing the technical performance of the receiver to be tested, the better the receiving sensitivity, the more useful information signals it receives, the greater the impact of its wireless network coverage nationwide.

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Smart objects are connected to the Internet, which requires wireless communicati

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May 06, 2021


全世界超過 40% 的孕婦患有貧血,而且至少有一半的貧血被認為是缺鐵造成的。而媽咪妳知道嗎?孕婦是很需要額外的鐵和葉酸來滿足自己的營養需求以及發育中的胎兒,所以懷孕期間鐵和葉酸的缺乏可能會對母體懷孕以及胎兒發育的健康產生負面影響。在實證醫學方面,使用鐵和葉酸補充劑是可降低孕婦營養素缺乏導致缺鐵和貧血的風險。


在整個懷孕期間,建議孕婦每天應該攝入 400-800 mcg(微克)的葉酸 Folic acid ( Vit.B9 ),相當於 0.4 – 0.8 mg(毫克)。如果你想要懷孕它也建議你攝入相同劑量的葉酸(懷孕前400微克),提高想懷孕的妳一個機會。孕婦 葉酸






**若雙胞胎的媽咪,則是建議媽咪每天服用 1,000 mcg 的葉酸**(除了胎兒發育影響到,其實也有研究表示懷孕期間葉酸不足也可能會造成孩童日後患上自閉症機率上升以及後期語言發展的影響。)







補充品和懷孕多年來,胎兒都被認為是個「完美的寄生蟲」(perfect parasite),吸取母體的營養,來使自己長大。然而,到了一九八○年代時,這個觀念已經有點過時了。有一篇審查的論文指出「胎兒不是完全的寄生蟲」;雖然胎兒可以從母體中吸取...

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April 23, 2021

Headphones noise reduction function a lot of, sound reduction?

Sound reduction perform is important for headphones, one particular should be to cut down noise, to stop excessive amplification from the volume, hence lessening damage on the ear. The second is usually to filter sound and therefore increase the sound good quality and simply call high quality.Microphone can effectively reduce environmental noise (reduce auditory digital noise reduction)

Sounds cancellation may be divided into passive noise cancellation and active sounds cancellation.

Passive sound reduction is usually often known as physical sound reduction, passive noise reduction refers to the use of bodily attributes to isolate the exterior noise through the ear, generally via the headscarf on the headset designed to generally be tighter, the ear cup cavity for acoustic optimization, ear cups put on the interior sound-absorbing elements ...... and so forth to accomplish the actual physical audio insulation with the headset. Passive sound cancellation is rather productive in isolating substantial frequency appears (such as human voice), frequently cutting down the sound by about 15-20dB.

Passive noise cancellation

Energetic sound cancellation is definitely the organization during the promotion of headphones sounds reduction purpose would be the principal ANC, ENC, CVC, DSP together with other sound reduction know-how, these four noise reduction are what is the basic principle, and what is the position? Right now Xiao Shuo to popularize their working ideas and differences.

ANC sound reduction

ANC sound reduction (Energetic Sound Manage, lively noise reduction) performs over the basic principle that the microphone collects external environmental sound, after which you can the technique is remodeled into an inverse audio wave included to the speaker close, as well as final sound heard because of the human ear is: ambient sound + inverse ambient sounds, two sorts of sound superimposed so as to achieve sensory noise reduction, the beneficiary is himself.

Active sound cancellation is split into feedforward lively sound cancellation and opinions energetic sounds cancellation in accordance to your locale with the pickup microphone.

ENC sound reduction

ENC (Environmental Sounds Cancellation), can proficiently suppress 90% from the reverse environmental noise, consequently reducing environmental sound up to 35dB or more, allowing players to communicate a lot more freely with their voice. As a result of the twin microphone array, the orientation of the caller's speech is properly calculated, and various interfering noises while in the natural environment are removed while preserving the goal voice from the most important way.

DSP sound reduction

DSP will be the abbreviation of English (digital signal processing). It is primarily for prime and very low frequency sounds. The theory of DSP noise reduction is analogous to that of ANC noise reduction. Even so, DSP noise reduction neutralizes and cancels the sounds immediately inside the program.

CVC noise reduction

CVC (Crystal clear Voice Seize) is often a connect with software package noise reduction technology. It largely targets the echoes created through a connect with. By way of the full-duplex microphone sounds cancellation software, to provide the echo and environmental sounds cancellation function of your contact, is presently by far the most advanced noise reduction engineering during the Bluetooth call headset.

DSP engineering (elimination of external sounds) is mainly benefited with the headset user himself, whilst CVC (elimination of echo) generally benefits one other social gathering for the contact.

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March 31, 2021

What is the function of AOI detector after SMT solder paste printing?

The AOI detector can be used in multiple positions on the production line, and each position can detect special defects, but the AOI detector should be placed in a position that can identify and correct the most defects as soon as possible.SunzonTech\'s use cutting-edge technology to guarantee high speed and precision with FPC special detection logic and defect analysis.

If the solder paste printing process meets the requirements, the number of defects found by ICT can be greatly reduced. Typical printing defects include the following:

1. Insufficient solder on the pad;

2. Too much solder on the pad;

3. Poor registration of the solder to the pad;

4. The solder bridge between the pads.

In ICT, the probability of defects relative to these situations is directly proportional to the severity of the situation. Slightly small amounts of tin rarely cause defects, while severe cases, such as no tin at all, almost always cause defects in ICT. Insufficient solder may be a cause of missing components or open solder joints.

Nevertheless, deciding where to place the AOI tester needs to recognize that component loss may have occurred for other reasons, and these reasons must be included in the inspection plan. Inspection of this location most directly supports process tracking and characterization. The quantitative process control data at this stage includes printing offset and solder volume information, and qualitative information about printed solder is also generated.

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March 15, 2021

Problems You need to do When Scheduling a Resort Area

Booking an inn appears for being genuinely distinct, isn’t that so? Also, on most instances it can be largely centered all around: Finding a aim, deciding upon your dates, enter installment information, and voila, upbeat voyages for everyone!

Here is a hong kong hotel budget option that provides you with some of the best deals so that you can enjoy your stay in comfort and luxury.

In almost any circumstance, a little/terrible/foul/ineffectively uncovered lodging, or even a stick with no web, a lousy view as well as a messed up Tv set, can without the need of substantially of the stretch ruin an outing. Also, you should buy that hotel place each day. Notably, within the off opportunity that you will be selecting your inn place jointly at any rate partly concerning charge, keeping out any implicit expenditures before your e book is important.

Nonetheless, you will discover some enormous faults you could potentially be making as regards to resort room reservations. From setting up for your wrong locations to neglecting to examine some basic knowledge, these slip-ups could with no a great deal of a stretch depict the determining moment your outing.

Anticipating that the requests ought to be guaranteed

King-sized bed or double bed? Major ground or bottom flooring? Ocean sights? Most resort scheduling websites will empower you to definitely make demands or contain remarks regarding your continue being. Be that since it could, within the minuscule wonderful print, most motels additionally point out that your solicitations are not ensured.

Recognize all those lodgings by and substantial endeavor to regard your solicitations. About the off chance that, at registration, you locate your double beds have turned out to generally be one particular, or else you have been place inside of a smoking cigarettes area, handle the front desk location operator and take a look at to question for your improve amenably.

Not using a credit history card for transactions

When booking an inn, the credit history cards are above all else with regards to the simple procedure. Not completely do credit playing cards give prizes like carrier miles, absolutely free night stays, or a reimbursement benefits, having said that, they likewise deliver selected ensures that debit or platinum cards and funds really don't. For those who are clever and resourceful with your funds and pick the right type of credit history card for the lodge transactions, you might see many strengths when scheduling a lodge room that you want.

Not examining the critiques of your concentrate on resort

Do your examination. Perusing shopper surveys is often a dubious work out in watchful control. You'll need to look at the exact same quantity of inquiries when you can without going through info over-burden. You in addition will need critiques to be impartial and later. The best method of have a precise graphic in the lodge is usually to choose your audit destinations very carefully.

Scheduling a resort place at the mistaken time

As most slowpokes will promptly concede, holding up until the final instant to make vacation arrangements can have determined ramifications for the credit history card balance. The lodge home fees usually takes off within the days paving the best way to a specific day, and you might be remaining without having a place if all the things guides up. On the other hand, staying a propelled organizer may have its quite individual negatives: Sure, you may need to provide the the vast majority of one's movement affairs in order as rapidly as time permits, nonetheless it might expense you cash to ebook your hotel space as well shortly.

Ultimate Text

Usually be vigilant regarding your resort room transactions. However it'd seem like added function, you will be conserving money and time in the event you do it from the proper way. Keep in mind that the bills and time add to the in general achievements of one's travel.

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March 04, 2021

What are the many benefits of Belt Conveyors?

The conveyor belt is employed to convey or transfer bulk components. Conveyor belts are able of managing big selection of bulk materials from quite good to huge lump dimension.Conveyor belts are widely applied in logistic, distribution middle post express field, tire marketplace. E-commerce business and tobacco industry. Conveyor belts are price economical as it decreases the labor depth and loading value.

Order belt conveyor for product manufacturing assembly lines at SunzonTech. Vast experience, high efficiency, great eye for details.

Added benefits of belt conveyor are as follows -

Conveyor belts are adaptability to unique types of products.'

Lower energy usage

It can be has long lifestyle

Noiseless operation, as objects are placed within the belt so it will not make almost any sound.

Significant duration of conveying route.

Substantial reliability of procedure

Motor vehicle transportation material in any course.

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February 16, 2021

Benefits of prototyping with CNC machining!

You will discover numerous causes why a corporation may perhaps use CNC machining to generate a prototype, such as pace of creation, aspect top quality, content selections and similarity towards the final component.

From file to prototype

One among the most significant advantages of CNC machining is the "CNC” component. Given that CNC machining can be a electronic procedure that makes an element from a pc file, engineers are aware that a machined prototype will carefully match the electronic 3D layout, which the exact same electronic design can afterwards be accustomed to develop a closing part with identical proportions. The diploma of repeatability is particularly higher.

Furthermore, making use of electronic 3D models lets for speedy and exact alterations. If a machined prototype reveals a bodily flaw ensuing from negative style and design, the engineer can return into the CAD software to make appropriate improvements for your upcoming prototype. Distinctive variations might be in contrast side by facet, and simulation computer software may even be accustomed to preemptively test how a part will conduct within the real earth.

Excellent and regularity

Computer systems are not great, but computer-controlled machinery has a tendency to purpose precisely as it’s intended to - except it breaks down. Even though several prototyping processes count on human skill (and so are hence susceptible to human error), cnc machining china follow their recommendations to inside of a fraction of the millimeter.

Importantly, they are able to also do it over and about again. While a business may well only be creating only one prototype, a CNC equipment can, if essential, operate the same occupation a second time with minimal deviation through the to start with. This is certainly amazingly practical for creating new iterations of a prototype, and for moving to manufacturing along with the exact same machinery. (Handbook procedures are very essential, but it’s much easier to guarantee consistency using an automated machine.)

Array of strong materials

If a prototype doesn't have a mechanical goal, it could be ideal for 3D printing, which - even though not known for creating high-strength pieces - costs very very little and may be carried out in a short place of your time. For some 3D printing procedures, nevertheless, the fabric options are narrower than they are really for machining.

CNC machining not just delivers a wide number of compatible resources, it also presents some very powerful and sturdy ones, like a wide range of metals. It truly is possible to 3D print with metals in addition, although not that has a low-cost FDM printer.

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February 04, 2021

Fast prototyping assists. Dont you think that?

Permit me give you an illustration: As I'm writing this information on prototyping, I share a top level view of your posting with my workforce users. From our blended comprehending and knowledge of the subject we could gauge if I have missed just about anything. From them I can get authentic actionable suggestions. It had been which i was missing lots. And now its simpler for me to deliver an even better, far more insightful edition of this write-up. Due to the fact its not simply my expertise which has long gone into this. Its more and more people contributing to this matter.

The foremost obstacle to get a designer or a developer is usually that he / she commonly has got to communicate the appear and feel in the solution to their products administration group. UI/UX has countless features that highlighting the fundamental core features while sharing designs with group customers is often a struggle, as a result, generating it difficult for stakeholders to comment and provides responses. With prototyping you are able to overcome all of this along with the following gains :

examples of a prototype design manufacturing companies can be found at Hemtom.

Much better understanding from the style intent: Prototyping not merely presents a solid visualisation of your layout to be familiar with the appear and feel of your ultimate product nevertheless it also helps the staff to understand improved why they can be designing, whatever they are designing and for whom they may be designing.

If an image is worthy of a thousand text, a prototype is well worth 1000 meetings.?¡À ?a stating at @ideo.

Early Feed-back : A single of the most critical part of merchandise building course of action will be to get responses. With prototyping you can collect assessments at every single stage of creating the product or service ?a no matter if adding new capabilities or redesigning aspects of the solution. Test exactly what is working to the audience and what is not. Define goals with all your team customers, the administration groups, external stakeholders, SMEs and so forth. and are available towards the most effective collective conclusion.

Early modifications conserve time and value : Adjustments towards the end would mean not only radical restructuring and also far more speculation and rework. Having a preliminary model all set it is always possible to help make the specified improvements early, because by that time no investment decision or exertion has absent into developing the entire solution.Thus, early changes help you obtain your plans more rapidly.

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January 18, 2021

What is the Effects of Clever Lessons on College students and Teachers?

You may have understood the significance of good courses from the instruction process. Good classes really are a blessing to the students in the 21st century. Would you recall some time when our lecturers used to demonstrate animated video clips and flicks for detailing any subject and we utilized to effortlessly understand? So that this kind of visual will help pupils in far better knowledge of the topic.

From time to time good boards are quite valuable in terms of area outings. By way of example, the teachers desire to demonstrate a place like Amazon forest, Sahara Desert, Nile Liver and learners can not practically go there. In this article, the smartboard arrives into engage in the place it reveals people places almost for improved comprehension of the subject. Allows see what's the effects of good lessons on pupils and instructors

Influence of Clever Lessons on College students

Mastering is exciting when the topics are appealing. Wise lessons are performing the same point by imparting expertise along with entertaining features. Quality education and learning is what we look for in learners. Today’s planet is rather aggressive and just one should keep up. It doesn't take absent the thought of classic schooling but provides possibilities for the present a person. Wise classrooms are prospects that give learners with excellent schooling and assist them in comprehending ideas far better, improve their looking at and crafting abilities to achieve tutorial good results. They have got served learners while in the pursuing areas like obligation, time management, conversation, conversation, collaboration, retention ability, accessing on the net means, learning new technological resources, great academic outcomes, etc.

The use of smart classroom facilitates learning and greatly improve efficiency.

Effect of Smart Courses on Lecturers

While you know, with innovative technologies teaching solutions are switching and evolving for far better. For this, intelligent lessons are definitely the finest possibility for the academics. Lecturers have formulated an effect on good school rooms for the subsequent causes for instance interactive periods, in-depth synchronization, east servicing, interactive mastering environments, accessibility of means, superior training solutions, self esteem, time management and personal manual for the pupils.

Future of Smart Courses Concept

The strategy of smart lessons is extremely effective and essential for every one of the educational facilities in strengthening the training and finding out setting. Everyone is impressed with the notion of producing intelligent courses in each element in the state to make sure that all the pupils benefit from the finding out stage in their lifestyle. The classroom need to be made a far better position for students to know.

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January 05, 2021

How you can remain youthful and delightful!

Can help fade dim places

Talking of places, both equally derms we spoke with note that white truffles certainly are a fantastic supply of vitamin C. Vitamin C is not merely a powerful antioxidant, it also is actually a choice brightening ingredient. It really works by inhibiting xove skincare an enzyme acknowledged as tyrosinase (that is crucial within the pigment-producing method), stopping darkish spots from cropping up and eventually leaving the skin brighter and a lot more even, suggests Dr. Zeichner.

Have anti-inflammatory houses

Dr. King suggests that white truffle can also be a decision component for combating swelling. During the skin, that means not merely alleviating the seen inflammation that can present up as redness and irritation, but also concentrating on the much less visible, lower-grade swelling that will also make pores and skin search more mature and customarily lackluster.

So, what would you have to know prior to looking xove white truffle for out white truffles inside your skincare? Dr. King details out there are no recognised substances that don’t pair nicely with white truffle which it plays properly with most other skincare actives, meaning it should be relatively easy to include into your regime. That being stated, it is actually crucial to contemplate the level of white truffle in the solution, she provides; the higher up on the component list, the higher the concentration and theoretically the larger the advantages.

Continue to keep in mind, way too, that when truffles happen to be researched for nutritional and medicinal gains, you will find not many reports and negligible details about their topical outcomes, states Dr. King. It is also value mentioning that white truffles xove skincare are very expensive; credit history the reality that they are only harvested for any couple months away from the year and also have being sniffed outside of the bottom by specially trained puppies. So, identical to including shaved truffles on to your pasta will set you back, so will white truffle-infused skincare. And though white truffles do have positive aspects, these benefits aren’t automatically one thing you can’t get from other more scientifically established components, Dr. King adds.

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December 15, 2020





未開封的瓶裝胰島素和補充胰島素應儲存在冰箱冷凍機,最好放在冰箱冷凍機的內門上。如果沒有冰箱,應該放在陰涼的地方,或者放在空的保溫瓶裏,或者放在水箱旁邊,但是時間不能太長(不超過6周)。室內常溫下,瓶裝的胰島素可以保存6 周左右,胰島素筆芯大約可以保存1 個月。使用中的胰島素筆芯不要與胰島素筆一起放回冷藏室中,可在常溫下保存4-6周。

已開啟的胰島素,在室內常溫或陰涼的條件下儲存不要超過1個月,也可以在2℃~8℃ 的溫度下儲存。但在進行注射前,最好可以先將胰島素預熱,這樣可避免出現注射時的不適感及對皮下腫瘤組織的刺激。




未開封的胰島素最好有一個便攜式儲存產品(冰箱、冰袋、冷卻袋等)或自備保溫杯。胰島素不要直接貼著冰袋,宜用毛巾等包裹放置,以防凝固。到達目的地後,應盡快放入冰箱2℃ ~8℃冷藏室內。








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November 26, 2020



在《遠見:如何規劃職業生涯3大階段》一書中,賴恩·費瑟斯通豪將職場中需要積累的工作技能分為三類:可遷移技能、有意義的經驗、持久的關系,他稱之為職場燃料 。



入職以後,還要培養一些軟技能 ,如學習能力公文能力基本的情商團隊協作高效溝通等等。

在工作的最初幾年,關注可轉移的技能,特別注意彌補失去的時間。但是經過幾年的工作之後,轉移你的注意力,專注於建立"有意義的經驗” ,找到並培養長板。工作場所是團隊合作的世界。











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November 18, 2020






為什麼許多人不敢沾染期貨甚至提起期貨就"談虎變色”呢? 主要原因是風險太大。表面看來,黃金交易收保證金,30萬保證金做的是300萬甚至是600萬的交易,價格波動大一些豈不是全軍覆沒了嗎?更何況,多少年來,正所謂"利潤越大風險性也越大”的講法已是了金科玉律。而實際發展情況又是企業如何的呢?可不就是可以既追求高利潤又避免企業高風險?答案是可以的!



黃金市場上資金實力的差別,使投資者有大戶與小戶之分,但不能因此就說這個市場是大戶的樂園,小戶的禁區 。

大戶資金上的優勢並不對我們每一個小戶必然發展構成社會壓力。期貨市場並不是大戶與小戶的兩軍對壘,反而是買賣雙方的總體較量。在入方陣容中,有大戶也有小戶;在出方隊伍裏,同樣有大戶也有小戶。走勢無非是漲和跌兩個發展方向,盈或虧不在於你是大戶學習還是一個小戶,而在於你看對還是沒有看錯。大與對沒有必然的聯系, 小與錯也不能混為一談。大戶不會"包賺”,小戶不會"包虧”。大戶固然有人看漲看跌,小戶也可以通過獨立進行思考和自主管理決策。在機遇眼前,大戶和小戶一律平等。








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August 13, 2019




理大眼科視光學院主任杜嗣河指,DIMS框架眼鏡在鏡片周邊設蜂巢般的微細折射面,可做到近視離焦效果,亦較控制近視加深的隱形眼鏡安全,避免眼角膜受感染的風險,期望未來可用於控制 近視一線治療方法。




兒童 近視控制鏡片MyoSmart將於12日起在全港約150間眼鏡分銷商率先發售。




新鏡片設有用作矯正近視及散光的「中心光學區」,並於圍繞中心光學區伸延至鏡片周邊加入小區域離焦度數,令眼內形成「近視離焦」,令小童的眼軸生長會趨向變短,有效抑制配戴者近視 加深。







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July 23, 2019


從財產保險市場的競爭格局來看,馬太效應仍在發生。 "三巨頭”人保財險,平安財產保險和中國太保財產保險的市場份額為66.42%,高於去年同期的65%,且市場集中度持續上升。與此同時,許多財產保險公司的保費增長疲軟,28家公司的保費收入同比下降。













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June 21, 2019
















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May 28, 2019



大學 科系選擇眾多,轄下的教育及人類發展學院、人文學院及博文及社會科學學院為同學提供教育及多元學科課程。

再一次,拓寬學生的思維,開闊視野,培養他們從跨學科(跨學科,跨學科)中獲取靈感思維的潛力。提高思維能力要求學生在空間維度上拓寬思路,善於吸收不同甚至相反的觀點。在時間維度上,有必要全面考慮戰略思維的"遠景”和微觀思維。 "顯微鏡”觸及細節;在思維的整合維度中,要求學生盡可能地突破學科和專業的界限,深化到新的領域,以捕捉想象和靈感等非理性思維,實現思維的創新。錢學森先生一再強調,自然科學和藝術應該加強"婚姻”,這意味著不同的學科,理性與非理性,邏輯與藝術之間,可以相互激勵,相互交叉,形成"全面的視野”。 。達到提高思維能力的目的。



invision 探索四十課程以一種主動學習的授課方式讓學員透徹的掌握和了解人的行為態度,以及自身所做的一切事情的出發點及目的,讓學員從一個更加獨特的角度,去提升生命中任何領域的結果,包括在家庭、職業生涯,關係,或財政狀況。







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April 24, 2019

















ç« é­š









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March 14, 2019




面部下垂怎樣恢複 四大妙招輕松搞定




面部下垂怎樣恢複 四大妙招輕松搞定




女性伴侶都但願本人的皮膚白白嫩嫩的,並且臉上不要長一些痘印,那土豆片敷臉能去祛痘呢?為何呢?要想曉得其謎底,接下來跟小編一起來懂得一下吧。 信任咱們人人或多或少都比較熟習土豆這種食物,也知道這是一種非常美味可口的食物,備受廣大女


面膜貴唔代表一定好!大家都應該聽過金箔面膜功效多多,究竟係咪真?試用MIOGGI金箔面膜之後,真係覺得佢並非浪得虛名!呢款面膜特別在於有雙層設計,分為Micro Foil外層同竹炭纖維內層,潔淨加代謝角質,再幫助精華吸收落肌底,效果超出預期!

土豆片敷臉能去痘印嗎 緣故原由是什麼呢



面膜貴唔代表一定好!大家都應該聽過金箔面膜功效多多,究竟係咪真?試用MIOGGI金箔面膜之後,真係覺得佢並非浪得虛名!呢款面膜特別在於有雙層設計,分為Micro Foil外層同竹炭纖維內層,潔淨加代謝角質,再幫助精華吸收落肌底,效果超出預期!







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